Our Mission

The Allan Kardec Spiritist Society of MA (AKSSMA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the study, practice and dissemination of Spiritism as codified by Allan Kardec.


Our History

The Allan Kardec Spiritist Society of Massachusetts (AKSSMA) has a “sui generis” history among other spiritist centers: it was founded under a tree! It all happened in the year of 1990. Some friends, who shared the same ideal, came together under that tree and made the first meeting to study Spiritism in Massachusetts. The meetings that followed were held in the house of one member or another. When the number of members grew enough, the AKSSMA decided to rent the space where its headquarters are located until this day!

The AKSSMA’s activities started by offering meetings to study Spiritism. Later on, more meetings were organized to study magnetic passes, mediumship education and classes of study of Spiritism for children and youth.

In 1991, for the first time, AKSSMA hosted the renowned spiritist speaker and humanist Divaldo Pereira Franco, who motivated the founders and practitioners of AKSSMA to grow its activities even more in USA.

Dante Labatte

Dante Labatte

An ambitious project, that demanded a lot of dedication and persistence from everyone. Mr. Dante Labatte stands out as one of our dearest founders. An exemplar worker, optimist, tireless, who has proudly accepted the challenge of such grand task. Presently Mr. Labatte has already returned to the Spirit World

All that dedication, union and fraternity resulted in the expansion of our activities in all sectors: public meetings three times a week, study groups five times a week, regular activities for children and youth, mediumship meetings, fraternal counseling and passes. Also, since 2005, public meetings and study groups of Spiritism in the English language.

Many members have joined the AKSSMA family over time and many continue to arrive, as the demand for AKSSMA services grow. The bonds of this family come from the power that Spiritism gives to those who practice it to relief and comfort all challenges of life.

We, at the AKSSMA, are grateful to all our friends, from both planes of life, for all these 25 years of dedication and work, which make AKSSMA a blessing in our lives and in the lives of the next generations.


Our Address

2 Elm Street
Malden, MA – 02148

By Car

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By Public Transportation

The headquarters of AKSSMA is located at only four blocks from Malden station, accessible by the Orange line.